Truck Registration & Permits

New Business or New Truck Company Startup:

  • We can open Corporation (C Corp, S Corp, LLC Etc.) anywhere in United States.
  • Fictitious Business Name filings
  • Business License
  • Federal Tax ID
  • Legal Documents
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Lease Agreement
  • Trailer Rental Agreements


Truck Registration & Permits

Take advantage of our many years of experience with commercial vehicle registration. This is our specialty and represents the biggest part of our business. We’re experts in all types of commercial registration including standard vehicle registration,  International Registration Plan (IRP), Permanent Fleet Registration (PFR), and more. These services are available for all types of vehicles including Tractors (18 wheelers), trailers, cranes, service trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, and any other commercial vehicle you can think of.



We can issue you License Plates, Stickers and Temporary Registration right in our office for:

  • New IRP Accounts
  • Additions to Fleet
  • Substitute License Plates and Stickers
  • Duplicate Cab Cards
  • Yearly IRP Renewals
  • State Additions


Federal Authority

  • US DOT Numbers
  • FMCSA Authority
  • Broker Authority
  • Exempt and Private Carrier Filings
  • UCR Filing
  • BOC-3 Filing (Process Agents)


Fuel and Mileage

  • Quarterly IFTA and Mileage Reporting
  • Original and supplemental IFTA License and Decals
  • Kentucky KYU Number
  • New Mexico Tax Credential
  • New York HUT
  • Oregon Weight / Distance Accounts and Permits
  • Monthly and Quarterly Oregon Mileage Reporting
  • Oregon Bonds


California Authority and Registration

  • California CA Number
    • This is an account number issued by the CHP (California Highway Patrol). It helps them keep track of your company and safety profile. This is not your MCP (Motor Carrier Permit). Many people incorrectly think the CA # is their MCP. Once you get the CA #, you can apply for the MCP. Most California based trucking companies are required to obtain a CA # from CHP. Give us a call and we can determine if you need one.
  • California Motor Carrier Permit
    • If you plan to do local intrastate loads inside of California, this permit is required. Permanent permit that never has to be renewed unless you stop running interstate. If you’re based in California, you’ll also need a CA# from the CHP before you can order the MCP. We can take care of that for you.
  • Enrollment into California BIT Program with California Highway Patrol
    • The California Highway Patrol (CHP) requires that you enroll in the BIT Program to ensure that they can monitor the safety of your company. CHP will come to your terminal or residence every 2 years to check your maintenance records, log books, vehicles, and other available information to verify that you’re a safe carrier.
  • Employer Pull Notice Program Applications
    • The law requires that all California based carriers that employ drivers have them enrolled in the Pull Notice Program. Once a year, this program provides employers with a copy of the driving record for each driver.
  • California Full Year Commercial Registration
  • California PFR Registration (Permanent Fleet Registration)
  • Special Equipment License Plates (SE Plates)
  • PTI Trailer Registration
    • We can help if you need your trailer licensed in California, Oklahoma, or Maine.
  • Transfers of Ownership